Two Wheeler Insurance

Helmets Save Life, Insurance Saves Liability

Road Safety

Helmets Save Life, Insurance Saves Liability

  • The number of accidents due to not wearing a helmet is huge
  • Helmets safety
  • Helmets key feature
  • Insurance claim rejection

In India, most preferred mode of commuting is two-wheeler.  This is because of the fact; a car is still unaffordable for a large section of the society and a two-wheeler becomes manageable in a restricted budget. Two-wheelers are cheaper and more convenient and thus, the sale figures of these rises every year.

There are many advantages of riding a two-wheeler but it comes with its own set of problems. The risk involved in riding a bike or a scooter is very high. Road conditions in the country are also very bad and this further increases the number of accidents of bikes. Adverse weather conditions like fog in winters and rains in monsoon, add more problem to the bike riders, making them more prone to accidents.

Statistics show that in 2016, about 28 people driving a two-wheeler died in an accident on the road daily, and were not wearing a helmet. ( These figures show how serious can an impact be on the head in an accident if the rider is not wearing a helmet. Wearing helmets might seem a task for many and people think it is their choice and a matter of personal freedom, but safety should always come first.

Wearing Helmet is Essential

The effect of an accident can be very severe if there is a blow on the head. Most of the states in the country have passed laws making wearing helmets compulsory.

Points to be check while buying helmets:

  • Comfort
  • ISI certified
  • Right Fit
  • Round Outer Shell
  • Visible
  • Multiple Impact Resistant

Helmet and Insurance Claim

Keeping in mind road safety two things are essential. Firstly, both the people on the bike should be wearing a helmet for safety at all times. And secondly, bike insurance. This insurance will cover any damage to the bike and also to the third party. An ISI certified helmet is a must as this protects the brain in case of an accident and this can be lifesaving.

Nashik police recently have passed a law that it has to be recorded at the time of the accident if the rider was wearing a helmet.This law will affect the payment of a bike insurance claim. The chances of the bike insurance claim being rejected are very high if it is found that the rider was not wearing a helmet. Also in case of death, the life insurance claim settlement will become a problem if the deceased person met with an accident and was not wearing a helmet.

With the rejection of the claims, the financial help available is lost and the affected family is left stranded. This defeats the entire purpose of buying insurance.


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